95 Autumn St, Geelong West, VIC, 3218 8:30am-3pm Wed-Sun



FacePlant is the brainchild of husband & wife team Pasha & Edey. Having a combined experience of over 50 years in hospitality, they wanted to share their passion and philosophy of a plant based diet that is delicious and fulfilling.

It all began in 2017 down the road on Pakington St in a small arcade, then moving to a corner location again on Pako, and now to this beautiful and historic old Fire House.

Our aim is for your experience to be ‘next level’, and to make you want to FacePlant everything you try.


Edey’s passionate approach to food comes down to 3 goals really:

  • Create unique dishes
  • present them aesthetically & interestingly
  • and most importantly, every single bite be packed with amazing flavours

She prides herself on the details and consistency of all these factors so much that she preps, cooks, and plates every single meal herself.

Pasha, the face and voice standing front and centre at the bar, also prides himself on making every coffee and drink equally exceptional, and when time allows, offers a wealth of knowledge to any seeking great conversation.

Top this off with a vast assortment of truly remarkable house-made sweets by our incomparable pastry chef Gemma, and you have the winning trifecta.

  • After months of waiting for Faceplant to reopen I was not disappointed. The new premises are superb and their food and coffee is on point. In fact, it was that good I had a serious dose of contentment after my meal. You know the type, just like that wave of contentment that washes over you after a good root. Yes it's that good.👌
    David Lewis
  • Beautiful clean, very professional, I didn't realise it was a vegan place but they explained it (without making me feel embarrassed) and I was happy to try something new, will be back
    Maryleen Venema
  • piccolo with oat milk was AMAZING! and the cup it was served in was beautiful and lovely to drink from. not loud, even with plenty of people in there, a peaceful atmosphere
    rachael jean
  • Loved the food and staff were extremely friendly. Smoked tofu was delish, and special mention to the absolutely incredible pastry chef that created the cinnamon scrolls and donuts. Highly recommended
    stacey black
  • Incredibly well considered menu of plant-based food. So hard to choose, everything sounded amazing, will have to go again and again! The decor is lovely and earthy. After an accidental spill the staff were very generous and looked after us well. Took a piece of cake take away and I've been thinking about it ever since (drool)!
    Laura Boehm
  • Absolutely AMAZING food - so healthy and delicious! This cafe is a fantastic example that vegan food is unbeatable when cooked properly!!! Plus wonderful staff! What more can a person want?:) Had a truly satisfying experience. Will definitely go back there again! And again... and again!!!! Highly recommended!
    Dr Leigh